Us media: boeing “dreamliner” could take off again in april

Us media: boeing 'dreamliner' could take off again in april

But it could take another two months for U.S. Aviation regulators to give the green light and for the modifications to be completed on the 50 planes delivered, the newspapers wrote in their thursday editions.

The two papers cited unnamed industry and government officials for their information. Boeing and the relevant authorities are officially keeping a low profile. The exact cause of the battery problems that have grounded the "dreamliner" for the past month is still unknown.

Regenerative district heating planned for schlammersdorf and trailsdorf

Together with the community and local residents, further regional potential for a future-oriented building supply beyond fossil fuels is to be exploited in hallerndorf, and residents in the trailsdorf and schlammersdorf districts of hallerndorf are also to benefit from reliable prices.
The concept of the near-warmth project focuses on the efficient use of energy and the coupling of electricity and warmth. The overall energy supply for a planned new construction area and the existing building stock is designed to keep line losses and the primary energy factor, which is particularly important for new buildings and renovations, low – for example, through the accompanying use of solar energy or waste heat from biogas plants.
The advantages of a communal heat supply, the technical possibilities for this and the factors influencing a sustainable supply of buildings in trailsdorf and schlammersdorf were the main topics of an information evening at which the forchheim energy supplier "naturstrom" presented the first plans for supplying other parts of hallerndorf with heat presented the first plans for supplying other parts of hallerndorf. The basis for the further concretization of the plans are questionnaires, which interested parties can submit by 30 september. November to "naturstrom send or. In the town hall hall hallerndorf can hand over. An information event on the next steps for the realization of the construction phase is planned for next spring.

Heating at the foot of the cross mountain

Last year "naturstrom a district heating network has been installed in hallerndorf that already supplies around 100 buildings with regenerative heat. The heart is the energy center, whose innovative technology, according to a press release from the energy supplier, not only ensures a reliable heat supply, but also allows a view through a large pane of glass.
The energy center is surrounded by bavaria's largest free-standing solar thermal system in combination with a local heating network. Around 61,000 liters of heating oil can be saved each year through the power of the sun alone.
The local heat supply in hallerndorf shows how environmentally friendly heat supply and climate protection can work at the community level.

Schuler delivers ideas for future builders

The students of the 4. The students of the 4th semester were given the subject "building planning and building law" the task set by your teacher alexander kufner: approval exemption for a semi-detached house as an energy-efficient house 55 in sonnenleite." The task was clear for kufner: "the students were given the fictitious task by a builder to design a semi-detached house on his property in wirsberg in the area covered by the 'vollrathsgarten' development plan. It's all about floor plans, solar energy generation, beneficial uses, sustainable building, cost-effectiveness, wood-frame construction, and environmentally conscious heating and ventilation technology. The row houses must be designed for families with two children each. An energy-efficient construction as a so-called k-efficiency house 55 has to be proven."

Monika motschenbacher (22), who lives in the wallersberg district of weismain, is looking forward to the job: "i think it's interesting, it combines practice and theory, and all subjects are addressed. I don't have any jitters, because we've already done a project with a single-family home. There have already been."

A clear majority is in favor of video evidence in soccer

A clear majority is in favor of video evidence in soccer

In a poll conducted by the opinion research institute yougov on behalf of the german press agency, 64 percent of the 2027 respondents said they wanted the video evidence to continue to be used in the bundesliga soccer league. Only 17 percent are in favor of immediate abolition of the new technique. 19 percent abstain from an opinion.

The results of the survey make it clear that the problem for most soccer fans is not the video evidence itself, but its supposedly poor implementation. Because only 27 percent of those surveyed also believe that fubball has become fairer as a result of his introduction. 36 percent of those who answered the corresponding question: partly/partly. Only 18 percent are of the opinion: no, video evidence has not made soccer fairer.

How traffic will roll in the future?

"This is a small step towards reinventing the world in five years, when we have a chance to get everyone involved", said oliver kunkel, chairman of the association "wir gestalten heimat", at the closing event of the european mobility week in ebern. If carbon dioxide emissions continue as they are now, the earth will warm by 1.5 degrees in five years, says kunkel. In front of the eyrichshof castle on sunday, numerous vehicles with alternative drives were on display. Around 200 visitors found their way to the castle courtyard, where time-honored masonry met modern, environmentally friendly technology.

Oliver kunkel (zeil) has a vision of what habberge county could look like in 2025: "i would like to see attractive mobile stations everywhere with lots of green space around, seating and an app-controlled, intelligent system." This could look like this: the app could suggest the best way to get from A to B and, for example, offer the regional bus for the outward journey and an electric car or bicycle for the return journey, which you can easily rent.