19 Readers made an effort to awaken the joy of reading books

19 readers made an effort to awaken the joy of reading books

The nationwide reading day wanted to awaken the joy of reading and reading aloud. For many people, reading books is still one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, but on the other hand there is an increasing number of children who hardly ever pick up a book outside of school, which is often reflected in an inadequate understanding of the text.

Therefore, the elementary school am markt, including the elementary school seubelsdorf, also participated in the action. At the start of the reading day, the pupils of the marktplatzschule came together in the playground and sang the rich and funny song "all children learn to read". Among the 19 readers, who consisted of 16 women and three men, were several reading mentors who come to the school every week to read aloud, several active citizens, members of the parents' council, teachers and former teachers, a grandfather, and brigitte elflein from the "youth and family" department of the district office.

Elevator at the Albert Blankertz school connects eight levels

The first construction phase with the installation of a vertical elevator in the albert blankertz school to create a barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible elementary and middle school has been completed. After successful tuv acceptance, the new elevator system, which connects eight levels, was put into operation.
This high-quality technical installation, in conjunction with other supplementary measures, forms the core of the barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible conversion of the entire school. The government of upper franconia is demanding the creation of barrier-free accessibility through the municipal investment program (KIP) with a funding rate of 90 percent. The new elevator is designed for 630 kilograms. The interior cabin measures 1.10 x 1.40 meters. The total height of the shaft is almost 17 meters.
Architect ulrich muller looks back on the construction work with satisfaction. "We had to work our way through four concrete ceilings. In the cellar area, a 50-centimeter-thick inner wall had to be cut out with a special concrete layer. The removal of the broken out concrete parts took place due to the enormous weight by the dismantling in many small individual pieces."
Construction work began during the summer vacations in 2017. The structural work could only be carried out during the school holidays due to the high level of larvae development. After four months of construction, the first ride in the new elevator was taken.


Principal bub wishes daughter good luck with her school-leaving exams

German is on the syllabus for around 38 students on friday.000 high school graduates in bavaria. But not the usual lesson, but the centrally set abitur tasks. "I am relaxed", vera bub (17) from bad bruckenau is quite relaxed about the exam. She obviously knows what she can do: "so far, it's gone quite well", she looks back on the past two school years.

Representative from bath kissingen
Vera bub's special feature: her assignments from the past two years, which also count towards her final grade, and the final exams themselves will be looked at very closely. Finally vera is the daughter of the principal stefan bub. "I don't really care if someone looks at it more or less", but the 17-year-old takes it all in stride. After all, she's been getting used to her role as the boss's daughter for eight years: "if you're not used to it any other way, it's nothing unusual."

Kronach vocational school students experience european politics

Kronach vocational school students experience european politics

"We need a strong europe, demands annika gehring vehemently at the lectern. Applause erupts. Josep borrell, president of the european parliament (alias nadja gehring), and environment commissioner stavros dimas (alias fabienne dillmann) are impressed by the european deputies' fiery speech. The three do not necessarily correspond to the conservative image of political representatives of the various EU countries. Instead of suit or costume, wear casual clothes, jeans and ponytail. And also the new "european deputy annika gehring may not have been a household name to everyone right away.

The three young ladies are students at the lorenz-kaim school in kronach, germany. Nadja is 18 years old and attends the eleventh grade of the vocational school for child care, her sister annika, who is two years younger, attends the same grade but for nutrition and care. 19-year-old fabienne dillmann is a student in the tenth grade at the vocational school for social care. The students of these three classes and an eleventh vocational school class for prospective mechatronics engineers in the dual system staged the development process of the "directive 2006/66/EC – the "battery directive" over two days. The positions and role profiles followed the real negotiation.

Impressive era comes to an end

Impressive era comes to an end

An impressive career, unparalleled in the district and beyond, came to an end in october. Rainer kretschmer, who can look back on more than 50 years of activity in various positions, associations and at "his TSV" at the age of 75, he has passed on the baton to the next generation.

For more than 52 years, kretschmer had guided the fortunes of TSV scheblitz. As secretary, he was a member of the board of directors from 1965, before being elected second chairman in 1971 and first chairman in 1978. From 1966 to 1993, he also held other honorary positions as a member of the executive board – treasurer and deputy chairman of the gymnastics district of sudoberfranken, which covers the counties of lichtenfels, bamberg and forchheim as well as the independent city of bamberg.

Packing for romania

On friday, the elementary school students of carl-platz-schule handed over more than 200 already packed packages to the jakob britz family and sent them on their way to romania. Thus, for the fourth time, a great idea for a relief operation for children in the romanian banat is implemented. Jakob britz comes from lenauheim in romania and surprises kindergarten and elementary school children there with a christmas present.

The teacher heike hausecker of the class 2g organized again the action "presents in a shoebox" at the school. She has a lot of support from the children, the parents and the parents’ council as well as the staff and the janitor. "I think it’s great that you give away some of your things to make children happy who don’t get a present at christmas", praised heike hausecker.

Wernarzer heiligenhauschen grows too

Wernarzer heiligenhauschen grows too

Two dozen citizens of wernarz and the state spa came to the citizens' meeting for the two parts of the town. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) first paid tribute to the successes of the past year. Among other things, the eyesore of the former parkkurheim was transformed by the new owner into a green open space. The building yard repaired the damaged sinnbrucke at a cost of about 11.000 euro from. During the course of the year, the wooden planking and the wooden railing will be reworked.

Already in 2012 the sidewalk between the strabfeld and wernarz should be renovated. This will now be made up for this year. The damaged sidewalk will be replaced with a black layer, and later the condition of the sidewalk inside wernarz will also be checked. In addition, the building yard will install the urgently needed canopy over the entrance to the kindergarten this year. The renewal of the street lamps in the state swimming pool is scheduled for 2014.

Weisendorf audience also fights against chaos

Weisendorf audience also fights against chaos

With their witty and humorous "grippenspiel" theater piece rudiger baumann and georg madl from kulmbach really grew on the audience in the auditorium of the weisendorf elementary school.

What is it about? The "harmonie" local association is widely known for its particularly beautiful nativity play. To the 50. Even the bishop has announced himself as guest of honor at the performance. As a vanguard of the spiritual worm bearer comes first his co-worker berner. Everything has to be in order, even in amateur theater.