Your questions for bamberg’s top candidates

The chief post in the town hall will be advertised again for six years in march 2020: the incumbent wanted to continue, two men and one woman (and probably others) are also applying. The decision on the award of the contract lies with the burghers of bamberg, who have already submitted more or less convincing application portfolios. The frankischer tag now invites the incumbent oberburg mayor andreas starke (SPD) and the challengers daniela reinfelder (bub), christian lange (CSU) and jonas glusenkamp (grunes bamberg) to a personal interview.

Loose and critical

The head of the local editorial office in bamberg, michael memmel, wanted to get to the bottom of the four current applicants in individual, public interviews in the FT publishing building in gutenbergstrabe. The events, which begin at 7 p.M., will start on monday, 7 a.M., in the evening. October, with christian lange, followed by andreas starke (14. October), jonas glusenkamp (25. October) and daniela reinfelder (28. October) as well as possible further OB-candidates. In loose atmosphere it should become as entertaining as critical. FT readers are not only invited to follow the event on site, but also to send us specific questions to the contenders beforehand.

Setting a sign against parkinson’s disease

Setting a sign against Parkinson's disease

It’s 97 kilometers from coburg to gotha, if you don’t follow the autobahn, but the route that the dukes used to take in the old days. Since 1826, the dukes of saxony-coburg have also ruled in gotha; from 1830 to 1832, duke ernst I loved the city. Building the so-called art road from gotha to zella via oberhof. The kingdom of preuben contributed to the construction costs to get a more comfortable way to its exclaves schleusingen and schmalkalden. Ernst I. Were it about a faster and more comfortable connection between its two residence cities coburg and gotha.

Even today, the shortest route to gotha is via oberhof, although it is not the most comfortable for cyclists. But that doesn’t deter andreas prinz von sachsen-coburg und gotha from cycling there. From the 1. To 5. In may, he wants to cover the distance on an electric recumbent bike. "I will make the distance in a shorter time, but I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth", says the 75-year-old with a smile. Prince andreas suffers from parkinson’s disease.

From tv duel to beer tent: Schulz goes on the attack

From tv duel to beer tent: schulz goes on the attack

After the failed turnaround in the TV duel with chancellor angela merkel, challenger martin schulz is now stepping up his attack in the final spurt to the general election.

Unions leadership warns own ranks against certainty of victory. And the small parties are trying to mobilize by pointing out that third place could decide the future budget government.

Weather in franconia: summer saves itself for the new week?

weather in franconia: summer saves itself for the new week?

A cold front destabilizes the weather over france from the north on sunday. According to the german weather service (DWD), there may be isolated thunderstorms in the morning, especially in swabia and southern lower franconia. From midday onwards, however, widespread thunderstorms are to be expected – although they are unlikely to occur in northern franconia. According to the weather expert from herzogenaurach, the chances are 70:30 for the dry variant.

Accidents, fires and floods – this is how the storm raged in france on friday
depending on the duration of the sunshine, a maximum of 25 to 28 degrees is reached. The weak wind blows from changing directions. In gewitternahe there are strong gusts from the west.

Suspected murder porn actor in berlin u custody

suspected murder porn actor in berlin u custody

He will probably stay there until he is extradited to canada. The canadian man is accused of having fucked up a chinese student in front of a camera in his home country.

Previously, a judge had issued a so-called detention order against the man, the spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, martin steltner, announced. Magnotta was wanted on an international arrest warrant and was caught on monday in an internet cafe in berlin. The 29-year-old raised no objections to delivery, the spokesman said. This could shorten the complicated procedure.

Bvb threatens title loss in klopp’s birthplace stuttgart

Bvb threatens title loss in klopp's birthplace stuttgart

Vfb stuttgart has degenerated into a supporting actor in the fubball bundesliga, but on the easter weekend it will play a leading role in the title fight.

If the swabians, who have been weak for weeks, can continue their series against borussia dortmund and bayern wins its home game, the defending champions will be dethroned for good and munich will be the german champions before the end of the season.

Half a million euros already spent

The city of munnerstadt has already spent around 480,000 euros on planning costs and expert opinions relating to the general renovation of the munnerstadt multipurpose hall. The administration has now sent out various documents to the city councils in preparation for the next city council meeting. Among other things, the presentation and the detailed plans for the project were very good.
The city council had rejected in the recent meeting with rough majority an approval of the plan and had taken these only to the knowledge. The background to this is an increase in costs to just under nine million euros.
Nevertheless: I would like the implementation as quickly as possible, in order to be able to keep the time schedule, which we agreed upon with the TSV", says mayor helmut blank (CSU). Because of the statement by carolin auinger from the WSP office that the work does not get cheaper over time, he has contacted various offices, the mayor says. These had confirmed.
The city council instructed the administration to contact the government of lower franconia. "We are going to the government to sound out the possible demands", according to helmut blank. He hopes that it will be a little more than 80 percent.


The “encirclement of ebern” falls

The itzgrund can now be reached from the area of ebern via the landsbach again. On wednesday, the district road HAS 51 (ebern-gleusdorf) was opened to traffic after a construction period of four and a half months. One problem during this time was that the state road 2278 between ebern and untermerzbach in the hambach was also temporarily closed and thus a connection to the itzgrund in the direction of coburg, especially for heavy vehicles, was only possible via kilometer-wide detours.

At the official opening of the district road on wednesday, district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) was pleased that the important link to the itzgrund can be used again. He also talked about the state road 2278, on which, as well as on the HAS 51, "a huge construction program" was carried out the accident had to be unwound, with the result that both roads had to be closed for a time. "I would like to take this opportunity to express my special thanks to the patient and understanding citizens of this region who have put up with these circumstances and accepted long detours, and that only a few complaints were received by our construction administration", said schneider.

Usa: significant rise in unemployment rate expected

Usa: significant rise in unemployment rate expected

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate in the u.S. Was again expected to rise significantly in may: analysts expect a rate of about 20 percent. That would be the highest value for many decades.

The U.S. Government will release the data for the month of may today (friday 14).30 a.M. CEST). In april, the unemployment rate in the world’s largest economy was 14.7 percent, ten percentage points higher than the previous month.