The place is finally found

The place is finally found

In february 2020, the electoral community of pretzfeld-altreuth had submitted an application to the integrated rural development concept (ILE) "frankische schweiz aktiv" a request for the construction of a senior citizens’ movement area and a children’s playground has been filed. The costs were estimated at 15000 euros. The project was to receive around 8500 euros from the ILE. In addition, there are donation commitments in the amount of 1600 euros.

"The administration has checked the process after receiving the relevant documents", explained first mayor steffen lipfert () in the youngest meeting of the market town council. It turned out that the planned flat is a mapped biotope flat, i.E. A wetland meadow. This is ruled out as a place for exercise and play. In june, the EPA’s application was therefore amended. The playground at the sports ground in pretzfeld should now be used for the project.

Alitalia saved for now: capital increase and new loans

Alitalia saved for now: capital increase and new loans

The italians announced that they plan to raise 300 million in fresh money through a capital increase. There is also a new credit line of 200 million euros. In addition to the italian post office, the major shareholder air france-KLM and the bank intesa sanpaolo will also participate in the bailout.

Alitalia urgently needs fresh money to avert insolvency. According to the italian civil aviation authority enac, the company, which has around 14,000 jobs, is in danger of having to stop operating its 140 aircraft within days. Alitalia’s management, however, has denied that it could run out of kerosene for its planes as early as this saturday.

New building of the kindergarten st. John officially started

The official groundbreaking ceremony on thursday morning marked the start of the next phase in the construction of the new kindergarten in st. Johannes in the glauberstrabe in kitzingen.

After work has been going on on the land since august – starting with the demolition of the old kindergarten and preparatory work – things are now moving forward. In just over a year, the children are to be back on the land – 4.3 million euros are to have flowed into the tree removal by then.

Missionary association from french-speaking switzerland describes dramatic situation

The corona crisis has been extremely hard on the poor and sick in many poorer countries. In what is now an almost worldwide pandemic, the "let's go" relief organization heiligenstadt because of the exit restriction and border closures not possible to carry out relief transports in the near future. The situation in their starting points is sometimes dramatic. The transport to romania, which was already prepared for departure in the middle of march, as well as the trip with important hospital items to ukraine, which was planned for april, had to be cancelled because of this, although these good items are urgently needed right now. Therefore, at the moment, no relief goods can be accepted, as friedrich dorsch, chairman of the mission association, says. The restrictions, restrictions and bans in the countries (moldova, ukraine, romania) where the aid association from heiligenstadt provides help several times a year were imposed even earlier and more severely than in germany. "The tests will be strongly monitored and controlled, with drastic penalties for non-compliance", female dorsch "as we were told, the state was probably forced to do this, because everywhere there, due to the dilapidated medical, social and disease system, it was not possible to control the epidemics that we have. The appropriate equipment, beds and personnel are also lacking."

Low income

Since many of the people living there have no fixed or only low incomes, they have suddenly fallen into severe hardship due to unemployment and without state support. Even the rural population, which at this time of year does not yet have any crops (vegetables, potatoes), is dependent, like all the others, on their savings or on the support of the churches and aid societies. The two to three million people who worked in the western countries had to return to their homeland and are now also without work and income.

Leading senators against us troop withdrawal from germany

leading senators against us troop withdrawal from germany

The withdrawal of around 9500 US troops from germany is a done deal. President donald trump has agreed to a proposal to that effect from defense secretary mark esper, a pentagon spokesman explains.

With the withdrawal of 9500 of the currently 34.500 soldiers in germany also strengthened nato and the deterrence of russia, it said. Esper and chief of staff mark milley had discussed the plan with trump on monday, according to the report.

Thyssenkrupp receives billions in state aid

thyssenkrupp receives billions in state aid

Thyssenkrupp receives extensive financial support from the state in the corona crisis. The steel and industrial group has secured a loan of around one billion euros from the k bank group, according to company sources.

A company spokesman would not comment on the credit. He referred to earlier comments that, like other companies, they were examining "whether and which of the financing aids offered to companies by the public sector might be considered for thyssenkrupp". The "handelsblatt" had previously reported on the loan.

A tap for all the clubs in mittelehrenbach

In this gdbr, half of the shares are held by athletes, 35 percent by the fire department and 15 percent by the choral society. All in all, the associations have invested a small amount of money in the remodeling of the former kunstdunger hall next to the fire station, which has also been used as a municipal building yard. 60.000 mark when it was purchased, around 100.The conversion into a guesthouse and a hall cost 000 marks, and now there were 20.000 euros needed to meet fire safety and other requirements of the district office.

But the effort was worth it. "Things are really looking up", judges jurgen rosenzweig of the district office forchheim during the final inspection of the building. His only wish: a maintenance contract for the smoke detectors. There are clubs that install these lifesavers but never bother with them again, rosenzweig explained his request.