Burning container and flying bottles – the police view of the club game

On sunday afternoon (13.05.2018), the last game of the 2-season series was played at the max morlock stadium in nurnberg. Bundesliga between the 1. FC nurnberg and fortuna dusseldorf instead of. From the point of view of the nurnberg police, the entire operation went off without a hitch, despite a large number of people and around 5.000 visitors at the "public viewing" that took place at the same time overall smooth and largely peaceful.

Already around 13:30 o’clock a special train from dusseldorf arrived at the main station in nurnberg with ca. 800 fans a. Accompanied by the federal police and officers from the support squad and the bavarian riot police, the fans went to the subway trains provided by the nurnberger verkehrsbetriebe, which were waiting at the hauptbahnhof (main station) stop. The subsequent trip to the exhibition center went without problems.

When the dusseldorf fan march was on the way to the stadium, participants burned some pyrotechnic objects. Shortly afterwards, for reasons that are still unclear, a residential container that had been set up behind a construction fence on a construction site at the messegeland caught fire. People were not in it, so no one was injured. The amount of property damage is currently unknown.

After the fire department of nurnberg had extinguished the fire, the criminal investigation service of central franconia took over the first investigations on the spot.

1. FC nurnberg misses out on second league championship

a little later, two fans of the two teams clashed at max-morlock-square. A club fan snatched the fan flag from a dusseldorf fan and fled the scene.

After a short search, emergency services arrested a suspect. By order of the public prosecutor’s office in nurnberg-furth, he was taken into custody until the end of the entire operation. He is being investigated by the criminal police on suspicion of robbery. The dusseldorf fan suffered minor injuries, his flag remained missing.

Fan behavior during the game was generally unobjectionable. Immediately after the final whistle, both club and guest fans stormed the interior of the stadium. The management was prepared for this and had already set up appropriate barriers in front of the guest blocks. Numerous police officers and police forces prevented the rival fan groups from coming into direct contact with each other. Pyrotechnic objects were burned in isolated cases. The evaluation of existing video recordings remains to be seen.

Only a few minutes later, the entire interior of the stadium was filled with people. Several thousand visitors were concentrated in the area in front of the main stand. The roof of a reserve bench collapsed and injured a visitor. After initial medical treatment, he was taken to hospital with an injury to his leg.

When the team of the 1. FC nurnberg, which had once again shown itself to the waiting spectators on the main stand, went back into the dressing room area, the large part of the interior guests wandered off in an orderly manner and partly accompanied by police forces (dusseldorf fans). The guest fans were escorted back to the messe subway station and finally taken to nurnberg main station by special trains operated by VAG nurnberg. Here, too, there were no difficulties.

A dusseldorf fan (46) threw a bottle at police officers as they were marching to the subway, but fortunately did not hit the bottle. The accused was arrested. At the request of the nurnberg-furth public prosecutor’s office, he will be brought before an investigating judge at the nurnberg district court to be examined on the question of his arrest. He is being investigated for attempted grievous bodily harm.

Throughout the entire operation, the police ensured that there was strict separation of fans, so that clashes between rival fan groups could be effectively prevented.


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