Tax declaration for families: what can parents deduct?

Tax declaration for families: what can parents deduct?

The state wants to challenge families – and therefore reduce their tax burden. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Which costs can employees and parents deduct – and which not??

First, each parent will receive a child allowance of 3678 euros for 2017, explains uwe rauhoft from the federal association of income tax assistance associations (BVL). This amount is composed of the basic allowance and the allowance for care and education. Together, parents do not have to pay tax on 7356 euros of their annual income.

19 Readers made an effort to awaken the joy of reading books

19 readers made an effort to awaken the joy of reading books

The nationwide reading day wanted to awaken the joy of reading and reading aloud. For many people, reading books is still one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, but on the other hand there is an increasing number of children who hardly ever pick up a book outside of school, which is often reflected in an inadequate understanding of the text.

Therefore, the elementary school am markt, including the elementary school seubelsdorf, also participated in the action. At the start of the reading day, the pupils of the marktplatzschule came together in the playground and sang the rich and funny song "all children learn to read". Among the 19 readers, who consisted of 16 women and three men, were several reading mentors who come to the school every week to read aloud, several active citizens, members of the parents' council, teachers and former teachers, a grandfather, and brigitte elflein from the "youth and family" department of the district office.

City magazine: kitzingen informs once a month

For six years, the "falter" has been distributed monthly to all households in kitzingen as a city magazine with official announcements from the city. A clear city council majority continues to back monthly information to burgers by 23 votes to one after thursday’s city council meeting.

62 issues of the glossy brochure with the "official part" have now been published. Even if the "falter" does not meet the requirements for an official journal and the city must continue to publish official announcements in the daily newspaper, the administration relies on "high-quality information from and about kitzingen and the city administration".

Associations and left call for significantly more jobs for nurses

Associations and left call for significantly more jobs for nurses

The social association vdk germany spoke on the day of care this saturday of at least 60.000 additional caregivers that are necessary. The leftists mentioned the number of 100.000 caregivers in hospitals and 40.000 in inpatient care facilities, "in order to come close to the european midfield and to enable needs-based care," as the party announced in berlin.

According to the german nursing council, there is a personnel shortage of more than 100 staff in germany.000 nurses. Association president franz wagner therefore demanded that the federal government draw up a "national master plan to secure the provision of nursing care" over a period of at least ten years.

Regenerative district heating planned for schlammersdorf and trailsdorf

Together with the community and local residents, further regional potential for a future-oriented building supply beyond fossil fuels is to be exploited in hallerndorf, and residents in the trailsdorf and schlammersdorf districts of hallerndorf are also to benefit from reliable prices.
The concept of the near-warmth project focuses on the efficient use of energy and the coupling of electricity and warmth. The overall energy supply for a planned new construction area and the existing building stock is designed to keep line losses and the primary energy factor, which is particularly important for new buildings and renovations, low – for example, through the accompanying use of solar energy or waste heat from biogas plants.
The advantages of a communal heat supply, the technical possibilities for this and the factors influencing a sustainable supply of buildings in trailsdorf and schlammersdorf were the main topics of an information evening at which the forchheim energy supplier "naturstrom" presented the first plans for supplying other parts of hallerndorf with heat presented the first plans for supplying other parts of hallerndorf. The basis for the further concretization of the plans are questionnaires, which interested parties can submit by 30 september. November to "naturstrom send or. In the town hall hall hallerndorf can hand over. An information event on the next steps for the realization of the construction phase is planned for next spring.

Heating at the foot of the cross mountain

Last year "naturstrom a district heating network has been installed in hallerndorf that already supplies around 100 buildings with regenerative heat. The heart is the energy center, whose innovative technology, according to a press release from the energy supplier, not only ensures a reliable heat supply, but also allows a view through a large pane of glass.
The energy center is surrounded by bavaria's largest free-standing solar thermal system in combination with a local heating network. Around 61,000 liters of heating oil can be saved each year through the power of the sun alone.
The local heat supply in hallerndorf shows how environmentally friendly heat supply and climate protection can work at the community level.

An original stone becomes an honorary member

An original stone becomes an honorary member

A career like that of rudolf wandler at the music association in his home community of rodelsee could hardly be more exemplary: he was once one of the founding fathers of the association, as well as of the tiny band.

The 65-year-old is still a trumpet player in the band, and three of his four children belong to the band. Furthermore, rudolf wandler, as a master painter and plasterer, is always on hand when there is something to be repaired at the musikheim in the old parish house. Now he was appointed an honorary member at the annual general meeting.

Your questions for bamberg’s top candidates

The chief post in the town hall will be advertised again for six years in march 2020: the incumbent wanted to continue, two men and one woman (and probably others) are also applying. The decision on the award of the contract lies with the burghers of bamberg, who have already submitted more or less convincing application portfolios. The frankischer tag now invites the incumbent oberburg mayor andreas starke (SPD) and the challengers daniela reinfelder (bub), christian lange (CSU) and jonas glusenkamp (grunes bamberg) to a personal interview.

Loose and critical

The head of the local editorial office in bamberg, michael memmel, wanted to get to the bottom of the four current applicants in individual, public interviews in the FT publishing building in gutenbergstrabe. The events, which begin at 7 p.M., will start on monday, 7 a.M., in the evening. October, with christian lange, followed by andreas starke (14. October), jonas glusenkamp (25. October) and daniela reinfelder (28. October) as well as possible further OB-candidates. In loose atmosphere it should become as entertaining as critical. FT readers are not only invited to follow the event on site, but also to send us specific questions to the contenders beforehand.

Setting a sign against parkinson’s disease

Setting a sign against Parkinson's disease

It’s 97 kilometers from coburg to gotha, if you don’t follow the autobahn, but the route that the dukes used to take in the old days. Since 1826, the dukes of saxony-coburg have also ruled in gotha; from 1830 to 1832, duke ernst I loved the city. Building the so-called art road from gotha to zella via oberhof. The kingdom of preuben contributed to the construction costs to get a more comfortable way to its exclaves schleusingen and schmalkalden. Ernst I. Were it about a faster and more comfortable connection between its two residence cities coburg and gotha.

Even today, the shortest route to gotha is via oberhof, although it is not the most comfortable for cyclists. But that doesn’t deter andreas prinz von sachsen-coburg und gotha from cycling there. From the 1. To 5. In may, he wants to cover the distance on an electric recumbent bike. "I will make the distance in a shorter time, but I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth", says the 75-year-old with a smile. Prince andreas suffers from parkinson’s disease.

Bench pressure ballack top topic at bayer

bench pressure ballack top topic at bayer

"These are all side conversations that belong at that level when you have a player like that in the squad," leverkusen coach robin dutt said with a laugh. It seemed tortured.

This particular player – who used to be the face of german soccer – was benched for 90 minutes in the all-important chasing game. "I was very happy with the players on the pitch and didn’t see any reason to change," argued the coach of the sixth-placed team in the table.