Artists exhibit in the chicken coop

artists exhibit in the chicken coop

A huge heart surrounded by several colorful handprints – some young adults thoughtfully hung up this picture and other small works of art they had created alone or in groups. Painted in warm violet tones with a lot of female and always red, the paintings revel in a luminous rush of color. It is simply fun to look at these pictures, which are bursting with vitality and energy and radiate joy in life. Until the end of july, the mood-lightening paintings can be seen at an exhibition – together with works by carmen kunert and eva wagner – at the jahnhof.

The pictures were taken at the open work for the disabled (OBA) in lichtenfels at the caritas lichtenfels curative education center. "We met two to four times a week and took up brushes and paint", says ivonne hagenbucher, who heads the artists' group. That their motto "anyone can be an artist" the very successful exhibits, which can also be purchased, prove that this is indeed true. On friday the pictures were hung up by the group itself in an unusual ambience – a former chicken coop that used to house 3500 laying hens. The owner herbert jahn gave up his farm ten years ago. For about 15 years now, he has made his rooms, as well as his garden and the grounds of his idyllically situated farm, available for exhibitions and other art projects.

Open to free spirits
"My house and my yard have actually always been open to free spirits. I like to have lateral thinkers around me and have hosted many artists here", says the oak grower, smiling as he adds that many a philosophical discussion has taken place at the jahnhof, which has been in the family for 200 years. Human interaction is very important to him. He himself did not have the opportunity to travel in the past. "That's why I'm now bringing the world a little closer to me", he reveals. To create a social, cultural and civic meeting place for the region, he offers artists, musicians and musical groups of all styles the opportunity to perform on his simple small stage in the former "chicken coop" or to present their performances, set up installations or plan events in the great outdoors. This challenge has so far been accepted by numerous artists – for example in the fields of blues, rock, folk music, cabaret, jazz, ethno, for children's programs, slide shows, readings or short films. "So far everyone has enjoyed it here. They were all very enthusiastic about the special setting of the jahnhof", the owner says, not without pride.

Ivonne hagenbucher and her young artists are also enthusiastic about the auberge ambience. As she explains, the OBA offers comprehensive and individualized assistance that is geared to the needs of people with disabilities and their families. The main focus of the OBA's services is the family relief service, counseling and individual recreational activities. To enable people to balance their work and pursue their interests, a differentiated range of educational, recreational and leisure activities is offered – including creative groups such as crafts, handicrafts and painting. "The contributors are free to create their own images or we can choose different common themes", according to hagenbucher. From time to time one exhibits, if the opportunity offers itself to it, also. "We do not want to remain among ourselves, but to represent ourselves to the outside world – also in the sense of the integrative idea", according to the educator. Contact with jahn came about through a friend or colleague who works at the remedial education center. She is particularly pleased that the jahnhof approached her to be a part of it.


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