Another fruit fly alert in new zealand

Another fruit fly alert in new zealand

Only a few days ago, a so-called queensland fruit fly, named after the australian federal state of. There are fears of a spread of introduced pests with possible crop damage as a consequence.

Fruit flies lay eggs on fruit and vegetables, which the hatching larvae feed on, making them unfit for consumption.

The fly now found is an animal of the species bactrocera facialis, which is native to the island state of tonga in the south pacific, the authorities told BNZ. Now it is necessary to find out whether there are other animals in the region. In tonga, the pest attacks vegetables such as peppers and chili peppers, but is less harmful to other fruits and vegetables. The climate in new zealand is actually rather unfavorable for the tropical species.

Following the discovery of the queensland fruit fly, the authorities had appealed to the residents of the suburb of devonport last week not to take any more fruit and vegetables to drauben for the time being. People who spot a fruit fly or larvae should report the find. New zealand, a nation of mainly two islands, has strict protection measures in place to prevent the introduction of pathogens. Hundreds of traps are set up in airports, harbors and more densely populated areas out of concern for fruit flies.


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