An original stone becomes an honorary member

An original stone becomes an honorary member

A career like that of rudolf wandler at the music association in his home community of rodelsee could hardly be more exemplary: he was once one of the founding fathers of the association, as well as of the tiny band.

The 65-year-old is still a trumpet player in the band, and three of his four children belong to the band. Furthermore, rudolf wandler, as a master painter and plasterer, is always on hand when there is something to be repaired at the musikheim in the old parish house. Now he was appointed an honorary member at the annual general meeting.

Johannes wandler, chairman and brother of the award winner, presented the certificate. "Paying off your merits would take the whole evening," he said. Johannes wandler called him "a master builder, a motor of renovation and a highly motivated musician."As a 14-year-old, he recalls, his father gave him a trumpet so that he could join the church band. The family once equipped several youngsters in rodelsee with instruments and gave lessons. Finally, in 1979, the music society and the tiny band were founded.

He experienced a lot through music, says rudolf wandler. He cited his first visit to brazil in 1988 as a high point in this regard. No wonder that he said in his acceptance speech: "music has shaped my life and that of my family."The passion for music has remained. "The most important day of the week has always been rehearsal thursday, followed by a social gathering," says wandler.

In general, the club had a lot of positive things to report. Chairman johannes wandler was pleased that the next generation of musicians is eager to join in, as ten young musicians are currently being taught again. The teachers come from the own club. The number of members rose by nine in the previous year to 286.

Although the schlossschoppenfest, whose proceeds cover a large part of the music society’s budget, had fewer visitors last year than in previous years due to bad weather, the number of people who attended the event was much lower than in previous years. But the chairman was sure that even this would be overcome. Treasurer wolfgang bayer was equally optimistic later on.

Schriftfuhrer joachim weigand listed the individual events in the club year. The band had 35 performances, plus eight times played at church events. The musicians made a trip to fulda, with an intermediate stop at the kreuzberg in the rhon. For the next few months, in addition to the performances, renovations to the base of the clubhouse are on the agenda. Mayor burkhard klein praised the music club as an important part of the community. "You are a solid social rough."He was particularly pleased about the work with young talent.

Finally, at the meeting, members were honored for 25 years of service to the music club. Manfred and monika troll, michael bayer, hedwig heckel and cornelia heb received a certificate of appreciation.


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