After a visit to the bergkirchweih: 20-year-old man keeps police officers in suspense for two hours

Even an experienced police officer remembers this incident in particular: it was the 8. June 2019, when the federal police officers were doing their special duty at erlangen train station as part of the bergkirchweih there.

"We are hoarding screams from the railroad station subway", one of the officers on duty described F. The initial situation. Then the three patrolmen went down to check the situation. There they met the accused K. Covered in blood and without a T-shirt, the young man and his companion shoved other passengers. The officers demanded K. On to calm down and wanted to take his personalities. He did not have any identification with him and repeatedly resisted the officers, but when his companion intervened, K. Succeeded. Brief escape.

20-year-old resists arrest: policewoman injured

Policeman F. Brought him to the ground in a controlled manner and with the help of two other officers were able to handcuff the heavily intoxicated man. He stepped out to fight back. A colleague was injured in the knees when she tried to hold the legs of the defendant.

The accused continued to resist the federal police officers as he was taken to the temporary duty room at erlangen train station. "Only with considerable kraftauand" he could be brought there, confirmed policeman B. The statements of his colleagues. Several times the officers were insulted with violent swear words.

Even in the office, the defendant did not like to calm down. He tried several times on the officer B. To spit. Several times he hit his head against the wall. For two hours, the defendant had only raged and did not like to calm down at any time. In his 30 years of service, B. According to their own testimony, they had never experienced anything like this before. The original aim of the officers was merely to clarify the identity of the accused and to find out where the screaming came from, emphasized B.


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