A tap for all the clubs in mittelehrenbach

In this gdbr, half of the shares are held by athletes, 35 percent by the fire department and 15 percent by the choral society. All in all, the associations have invested a small amount of money in the remodeling of the former kunstdunger hall next to the fire station, which has also been used as a municipal building yard. 60.000 mark when it was purchased, around 100.The conversion into a guesthouse and a hall cost 000 marks, and now there were 20.000 euros needed to meet fire safety and other requirements of the district office.

But the effort was worth it. "Things are really looking up", judges jurgen rosenzweig of the district office forchheim during the final inspection of the building. His only wish: a maintenance contract for the smoke detectors. There are clubs that install these lifesavers but never bother with them again, rosenzweig explained his request.

Watching fubball together
The clubhouse in mittelehrenbach, the cultural center of the village of just under 400 inhabitants, is a long-term project, explains raimund dorfler, chairman of the 90-member volunteer fire department. "It is the only meeting place, also for the young people. The clubhouse is where the people of mittelehrenbach gather, and it's also where the athletes meet after practice and on saturdays to watch the fubball bundesliga games together." In addition, the 44.48 square meter guest room is a training room for the volunteer fire department.

Helmut winter (singing club), raimund dorfler (fire department) and jurgen heinl (chairman of the 150-member sv mittelehrenbach) are happy about the joint meeting in the center of town.

Gone is the trouble over fire safety regulations, when a new emergency exit had to be built because the door of the existing escape route was too narrow by five centimeters. "I had the new door with the panic lock made five centimeters wider, just in case. You don't know what the district administration comes up with", grins dorfler. And he adds: "every fuchsbau would be happy if there were so many exits"."

A showcase project
Also the displeasure about the threat of punishment by the food inspectors from the district office, because the committed mittelehrenbacher at an inspection on whitsun monday the the bar register could not be presented because the helper was in the hospital, has evaporated. "Everything fits", bianca keller from the district office now confirms on site. As a precaution, raimund dorfler had pointed out that the ticket would be reprinted – with the desired change. In the version objected to at whitsun, it was not pointed out that cola and spezi contain dyes. But now jurgen rosenzweig from the licensing authority was full of praise. "A showcase project for the entire district, he emphasizes.

Rosenzweig is particularly impressed by the hall, which, however, only hosts ten events a year. Lighting, kitchen, toilets, everything is exemplary, confirms rosenzweig. The number of people in the hall has been increased from 100 to 200 by the district administration.

Gdbr – what is it?
General: the society of civil law (gdbr) is an association of like-minded people, who pursue a common goal. This company will not be registered in the commercial register. Each shareholder can be claimed in full by all creditors. A certain amount of capital for the company is not required.

Mittelehrenbach: the three local associations have shared the investment here. The sports club took over half, the fire department 35 percent and the choral society 15 percent. According to this ratio, any profit – provided that a surplus is generated – will be distributed among the three associations.


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