A new stop for unterlauter

2.19 euros per cubic meter: that’s how much the lautertal residents have to pay from 1. January 2013 for their wastewater to pay to the municipality. Up to now, 1.83 euros per cubic meter of fallig. The council decided to increase the fees in the meeting on thursday. The new rate of pay will again be valid for four years.

A new savings bank building is being constructed in unterlauter (coburger strabe). In the course of the redesign of the surroundings, the municipal council has decided to also redesign the bus stop. Civil engineer and traffic planner ingo jacobsen from the strunz planning group in bamberg presented various options for doing this.

The buses should arrive from the south, stop at the bus stop and then return to the south or continue to the north, as they do now. This passage will be reserved exclusively for buses. The stop is to be made handicapped accessible and the entire area is to be upgraded in terms of urban planning. Among other things, this involves planting a tree and installing new lighting. The curb will be rounded to protect the tires of the buses.

A shelter for passengers is to be rebuilt where there was one before. The cost of the most favorable design without a shelter was quoted by ingo jacobsen at 69,000 euros. If durable granite curbs were installed, another 4,000 euros were added. After all, a financial claim of up to 50 percent of the costs by the government of upper franconia is to be expected.
The strunz planning group has been commissioned with the further project planning.

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