A new board for the former synagogue

A new board for the former synagogue

Jurgen scherer is the new chairman of the association of former synagogue obernbreit. He replaced friedrich heidecker, who had led the association since its founding in 2005, and pointed out that the synagogue will be 270 years old next year.

Jurgen scherer has also been a member since 2005 – and since then has also been the association's secretary. At the annual general meeting on thursday evening, he moved into the office of chairman.

An office for the old burgermeister

Friedrich heidecker had almost managed to get out of the meeting of the forderverein of the former synagogue without holding office. But only almost, because when none of those present was enthusiastic about the post of press officer, heidecker finally gave in. Certainly also because this association is too close to the heart of the obernbreit oldburg master.

Heidecker was not only the driving force behind the association for many years, he also founded the association a good twelve years ago together with former local pastor helmut walz, who has since passed away, and ensured that the building could be acquired and renovated.

And so a little melancholy resonated through the conference room in the town hall in obernbreit when heidecker opened the ballot briefly and dryly and without much visible emotion and proposed jurgen scherer for the presidency. At the end, after words of thanks from mayor and deputy chairman bernhard bruckner, there was long applause for the outgoing chairman.

Outgoing chairman calls for cooperation

Heidecker asked for strong support for the new leadership, because: "don't think that the worst has happened already."The meeting center created in the former synagogue must always be filled with life and therefore also: "my wish is to help, to help, to help."


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