A clear majority is in favor of video evidence in soccer

A clear majority is in favor of video evidence in soccer

In a poll conducted by the opinion research institute yougov on behalf of the german press agency, 64 percent of the 2027 respondents said they wanted the video evidence to continue to be used in the bundesliga soccer league. Only 17 percent are in favor of immediate abolition of the new technique. 19 percent abstain from an opinion.

The results of the survey make it clear that the problem for most soccer fans is not the video evidence itself, but its supposedly poor implementation. Because only 27 percent of those surveyed also believe that fubball has become fairer as a result of his introduction. 36 percent of those who answered the corresponding question: partly/partly. Only 18 percent are of the opinion: no, video evidence has not made soccer fairer.

Fittingly, a clear majority of respondents also called for improvements to the new system. 62 percent were in favor of the scenes reviewed by the video assistant on the screen also being shown to spectators in the stadium. 59 percent believe that video evidence should in future also be called in by coaches on the sidelines when they believe there has been a wrong decision by the referee.


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