47 Years for the children

Hugs, handshakes, even the occasional tear of melancholy; but above all, many heartfelt words of thanks and appreciation: even though you will all be retiring from the 20th century, you will all be retiring from the 20th century. December from the bottom of our hearts, we are reluctant to let her go: we are talking about christine schedel, who has been working at the kindergarten since the 1st of december. January 1972 as a childcare worker, and has worked for 30 years in the catholic integrative montessori kindergarten in dorfles.

For three decades, she played a decisive role in shaping the positive image of the facility, not only painting, crafting and playing with the children countless times, cleaning lots of snotty noses and tying shoes, but above all making a significant contribution to their education and the communication of christian values. Two weeks before she retires, her colleagues, parents, representatives of the church and, of course, the boys and girls themselves gave her a heartfelt farewell.

"Advent has many secrets," said, said kindergarten director erika brandl meaningfully when – in the midst of the advent concert in the kronach hospital church – she asked christine schedel to come forward, with whom she has worked closely and trustfully for such a long time. On behalf of the entire team and all the kindergarten children, she thanked her departing employee for her many years of loyalty, her tireless commitment and her love of her job, which she had always put the children entrusted to her at the center.

Regional dean thomas teuchgraber and thomas pyka, director of the catholic day care centers in the kronach deanery, also thanked her for her great commitment. The pastor also gave an insight into the long professional life of the nursery nurse, who – since her beginnings in 1972 at the kindergarten in strullendorf – had passed through several stations within and outside the district before finally retiring on 1 january 2009. September 1988 to the dorfleser kindergarten. For 30 years, she had shown great dedication to the welfare of children – an activity that, according to teuchgraber, was often very demanding. He as well as pyka and representatives of the parents’ council wished her for her retirement that she would be able to enjoy and fill her free time.

"Time for you" – this also marked the end of the book with pictures painted by the boys and girls and many good wishes for the future, which the soon-to-be retiree immediately took a first look at. "Having time for children was not just my job, it was my calling. I have not regretted my decision for this job for a minute from the first day to the last, she emphasized, visibly moved by the farewell so lovingly prepared for her, which came as a complete surprise to her. "No one gave anything away. Everyone kept their mouths shut", smiled the village reader, who promised to still visit the kindergarten often in her retirement; after all, she did not have far to go. For her farewell, she was given flowers and many carefully selected gifts, including a coarse cuddly scarf.

The small ceremony was embedded in the magical advent concert of the kindergarten with songs, poems, thoughts and stories.


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