19 Readers made an effort to awaken the joy of reading books

19 readers made an effort to awaken the joy of reading books

The nationwide reading day wanted to awaken the joy of reading and reading aloud. For many people, reading books is still one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, but on the other hand there is an increasing number of children who hardly ever pick up a book outside of school, which is often reflected in an inadequate understanding of the text.

Therefore, the elementary school am markt, including the elementary school seubelsdorf, also participated in the action. At the start of the reading day, the pupils of the marktplatzschule came together in the playground and sang the rich and funny song "all children learn to read". Among the 19 readers, who consisted of 16 women and three men, were several reading mentors who come to the school every week to read aloud, several active citizens, members of the parents' council, teachers and former teachers, a grandfather, and brigitte elflein from the "youth and family" department of the district office.

Burgermeister: "me tarzan

But it all started with the mayor andreas hugerich, who introduced the students of classes 4a and 4b to an excerpt from the book "me tarzan – you nickless" enthusiastic. The french author describes a family that spends their vacations in germany so that their son can learn the german language. Instead of learning german, however, he invents a fantasy language. Also the story "when the ravens were still colorful" by brigitte elflein had a deeper meaning with regard to quarrels and demarcations. When, according to the story, ravens were still shining in the most varied colors, there were constant quarrels between them, because everyone wanted to be the best, until the black rain turned them all uniformly black. Two contributions came from the picture book series "the little spider disgusting", who was sad because people were afraid of her, even though she was a sweet, lovable spider with many friends. In the elementary school seubelsdorf the former teacher margit schacher told the story of rumpelstiltskin.

Afterwards the pupils had to illustrate the tale with a picture. The reading day was a special experience for all those involved, the pupils, the readers including the volunteer reading mentors and the teachers of the organizing elementary school on the market with principal michaela schell. 


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