Us media: boeing “dreamliner” could take off again in april

Us media: boeing 'dreamliner' could take off again in april

But it could take another two months for U.S. Aviation regulators to give the green light and for the modifications to be completed on the 50 planes delivered, the newspapers wrote in their thursday editions.

The two papers cited unnamed industry and government officials for their information. Boeing and the relevant authorities are officially keeping a low profile. The exact cause of the battery problems that have grounded the "dreamliner" for the past month is still unknown.

New well: water protection area shifts

new well: water protection area shifts

The newly constructed well for drinking water between wiesentheid and untersambach occupied the wiesentheid town council. In the meeting, heike kraus from the specialist office baur consult presented the state of the municipality. Because of the new source, a new drinking water ordinance is currently being drafted, which will be reviewed by the respective authorities. Some statements are still to be made, kraus said.

One of the previous fountains, which had existed since 1960, was shut down. Not far from the site, the municipality drilled a new one as a replacement, which has a depth of 21 meters. The debris is three liters per second, the demand is sufficient, up to 60,000 cubic meters per year are removed. The values for iron and manganese are relatively high, kraus said, but this can be compensated for. The municipality uses the well to cover part of its drinking water consumption, the rest is supplied by long-distance water supply.

Theater stucco with Daniel Radcliffe stopped in london

Theater stucco with daniel radcliffe stopped in london

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the first large theater in london has suspended its operations for the time being.

The old vic announced on sunday that the theater play "endgame" with former "harry potter" star daniel radcliffe and british actor alan cumming ("goldeneye") in the leading roles will end two weeks earlier than planned. Also some small theaters in the british capital already interrupted their program.

“Small village renewal” for Hermersdorf

For mayor helmut lottes, it is not only a chance, but also a "small village renewal for the local part hermersdorf: together with the swing round way demanded from the ELER program a footpath is to be put on at the east side of the circle road ERH 20 localauswarts to the crossing with the ERH 18. That it is "quite unbureaucratic" lottes learned from the office for rural development, which is responsible for the request. For hermersdorf, this is a real renewal, explained the head of the municipality. The sidewalk will be extended to the county road to provide a safe connection to the existing bus stop. Station four of the circular swing path in hermersdorf is planned at the corner (corridor number 405) opposite the milk filling station.
The planner, landscape architect frieder muller-maatsch, considers this place to be central and very effective in terms of publicity. What is new is that the district office requires a building application for the swing station and the extension of the property. This item was included in the agenda due to its urgency and was decided upon. The estimated construction costs for the swing station in hermersdorf and the walkway amount to around 190,000 euros. The office for regional development has set a demand of 60 percent for this purpose. The administration was instructed to prepare the application for a claim from the EAFRD program and to submit it to the office for rural development. According to the mayor, the citizens will not participate in the costs.

Stroll and enjoy

Stroll and enjoy

Bamberg – the end of the sales week with the open sunday has become firmly established in the event calendar of the bamberg retail trade. Many thousands of visitors have taken advantage of the shops' offer in recent years. Therefore, also this year, the city marketing on 10. And 11. October for shopping in the city center of the world heritage site. Bamberg retailers will surely surprise their customers again with a series of service promotions, special offers and in-house promotions. On sunday the shops are open from 13 to 18 o'clock.

Autumn market opens

The autumn market, which opens on saturday on the maxplatz in the fubgangerzone and then until 24. October goes, enriches the saturday. For more than 600 years, this form of market has existed in bamberg, where the population of the city and the district stocked up on everyday necessities. The market's good mix of sectors is characterized by a variety of different stands and booths as well as modern sales vehicles.
The "weibblau im herz'n" is looking for the best confessions to the bavarian homeland-tour of the dairy weihenstephan, which will take place on 10. And 11. October station at the sales weekend. Visitors can look forward to a colorful program of information, entertainment, competitions and enjoyment. In addition to photo stations and competitions for an exclusive helicopter flight including a female blue weihenstephan picnic and a city bike, there will be interesting facts about milk and yogurt, a wide selection of products to taste, and a creative station for the youngest visitors.

The silver rhombus belongs to sc stettfeld

"That is an absolute seal of approval for our club", was pleased schonfelder. This is the basic prerequisite for the "golden rod" created. "This is an award for our work and the whole SC family", emphasized schonfelder. "The community can be proud to have such an association in its ranks."

Jubilee was a successful event
In his review of the year, klaus schonfelder described the "66. Jubilee" the focus was on the SC's anniversary, which was celebrated last year with a festive reception and an open-air concert.

Catholic “werksspionage” from wolfsberg at the festive finale

catholic 'werksspionage' from wolfsberg at the festive finale

The visit of the wolfsberg delegation from herzogenaurach came to a fitting conclusion with a church service in the city parish church of herzogenaurach. The festive service was celebrated by wolfsberg’s dean, pastor engelbert hofer, and herzogenaurach’s city pastor helmut hetzel.
In view of the large number of altar boys, hofer criticized the large number of altar boys and remarked with a smile that he had also come to herzogenaurach for "factory espionage" to operate how hetzel manages to inspire so many for the service at the altar. For him, this service is an encounter with jesus christ as well as with each other. The dean thanked the people of herzogenaurach for their great hospitality.
For hetzel, the festivities marking the 50th anniversary of the wolfsberg-herzogenaurach partnership were a bit like celebrating a golden wedding anniversary. As with any partnership, however, it is important to nurture it and work on it. In his sermon, hetzel referred to the gospel of st. John about the vine and the vines. He wondered what constitutes a partnership. In the beginning there were negotiations, a certificate and signatures. But a true partnership also requires connections that are lived out. Jesus says in the gospel: "I am the vine, you are the branches"."
In ancient israel the vine was the symbol of life par excellence. In ancient greece it stood for life, joie de vivre and hospitality. Not only in franconia, but also in the area around wolfsberg, people are familiar with winegrowing. Jesus put the focus on connectedness in the gospel. Because only as long as the vine receives juice from the stock, fruit can also be grown. "The connection with god is important also in fateful moments", said hetzel.
In 50 years, real friendships have developed between the people of wolfsberg and herzogenaurach. With the words "I wish the partnership in the coming decades god’s blessing, sustaining bonds and the courage to cultivate the bonds with god in order to fully enjoy the fruit and life", hetzel ended his sermon.
The choir, strengthened by the brass ensemble "blechmafia", provided the musical framework for the service from nurnberg. Toni rotter from herzogenaurach played on the organ.


Forchheim district: car crashes into oncoming traffic – three injured, one seriously

Several injured in accident in the district of forchheim on saturday evening: as the police reported on sunday morning, a 52-year-old woman was in an accident with her car on sunday around 20.25 o’clock on the B2 coming from forth in the direction of igensdorf on the way. Presumably wanted to overtake a bus ahead and swerved to overtake it.

She probably overlooked an oncoming car, occupied by the 20-year-old driver and a 15-year-old female passenger and crashed head-on into this vehicle. The 52-year-old was seriously injured in the collision and had to be cut out of the vehicle by rescue workers. The occupants of the oncoming car were moderately injured. All three came to the university hospital in erlangen for treatment.

The place is finally found

The place is finally found

In february 2020, the electoral community of pretzfeld-altreuth had submitted an application to the integrated rural development concept (ILE) "frankische schweiz aktiv" a request for the construction of a senior citizens’ movement area and a children’s playground has been filed. The costs were estimated at 15000 euros. The project was to receive around 8500 euros from the ILE. In addition, there are donation commitments in the amount of 1600 euros.

"The administration has checked the process after receiving the relevant documents", explained first mayor steffen lipfert () in the youngest meeting of the market town council. It turned out that the planned flat is a mapped biotope flat, i.E. A wetland meadow. This is ruled out as a place for exercise and play. In june, the EPA’s application was therefore amended. The playground at the sports ground in pretzfeld should now be used for the project.

“Concordia”: fifth german fatality confirmed

At the same time divers recovered off the island of giglio from the wreck of the "costa concordia" as 17. Victim the body of a woman. According to a list from the prefecture of grosseto, 17 people are still missing, including seven germans. Details of the fifth german victim were not disclosed by the aubenamt.

Bad weather and rough seas threw a spanner in the works of the salvage team at the wrecked ship: the pumping out, which was actually scheduled for saturday, had to be postponed. The dutch company smit stopped final preparations to pump 2300 tons of fuel from the cruise ship for safety reasons, the crisis staff on giglio announced. It will probably be necessary to wait until wednesday before the dangerous heavy oil can be pumped out of the system. Weather expected to remain poor until tuesday. If things improve before then, they will be ready immediately, a spokesman for the recovery company said.